What is the opportunity?
Prime Ocean is Seeking Experienced Toolpushers to Fill International Positions.
Eager to get back offshore? Get your foot in the door with Prime Ocean. We are seeking Toolpushers with offshore experience to fill roles with premium drilling contractors.
Successful Candidates WILL:
Possess a valid: Passport, BOSIET/HUET/THUET/FOET, TWIC Card, US Visa, RigPass or SafeGulf, Supervisory Well Control.
Reside in South America to minimize travel costs.
Have previous experience working as a Toolpusher.
Possess or be willing to obtain an OGUK Medical and a 10-Panel Instant Drug Screen.

Prime Ocean’s roles are suited to those who are unemployed or engaged in a job which enables them to leave for extended periods of time.
What are the skills and certification do I need?
Company: Prime Ocean

Skills: Driller, Rig Manager, Toolpusher

Experience: 2 + Years

Education: High School/Secondary

Employment Type: Full Time Contractor

Salary: Hourly rate based on 7 Day Rotating Payroll (40 Hours Regular Time/44 Hours Overtime Guaranteed)

Location: Houma, Louisiana, United States

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