Maintain cleanliness standards of the hotel in all guest rooms and public areas.

Clean up to Hotel standards in all areas of the Hotel.Communicate to Supervisor, Housekeeping Manager or General Manager when recovering any and all lost and found items.Effectively work with team members to accomplish assigned tasks each day.Follow all instructions when filling spray bottles with cleaning chemicals; never mix chemicals.Work in a safe manner to prevent injury to yourself, other staff members or our valued guests.Maintain organization and cleanliness of maid closets, guest laundry areas and corridors. Support environmental commitments by having the knowledge, skills and values to be a leader in the global goal of “greening” the hospitality industry.Watch for safety hazards and report them immediately to your Department Supervisor.Perform other duties as directed, developed or assigned.
Observe all safety policies and procedures during the execution of assigned dutiesArrive at scheduled start time in appropriate uniform and ready for work.Maintain control of keys issued to perform assigned duties.Work efficiently and as part of the teamProperly handle all equipment and cleaning chemicals (i.e. washer, dryer, detergents etc.)Maintain control of keys issued to perform assigned duties.
High school graduate or equivalentOrganizational and time management skills.Must be able to give and receive information clearly.Detail oriented as it pertains to accuracy and efficiency.Ability to work as part of a team.

Flexible Days, Holidays

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