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Are you ready to Show Off?

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A People-Focused Approach

CruitScout focuses on people.

CruitScout maximizes the potential in job seekers. Job seekers can create polished first impressions with a video resume. Employers can focus on your ability, not your anxiety. Job seekers can socialize with employers, instead of at networking events or in the hot seat. Employers can conduct virtual interviews or virtual job fairs for job recruitment.

People are more important than paper. CruitScout promotes confidence for job seekers and convenience for employers for their talent search.

Whether you are jobhunting or headhunting, time will decide if you land a lead or lose it. A video resume, video interviewing, and virtual job fairs connect job seekers and employers when they are both searching.

CruitScout allows job seekers and recruiters to meet the person first by merging human resources and technology.

Our Story

CruitScout was founded in Alexandria, Louisiana by Yalanda Taylor. Yalanda is certified in Human Resources. After years of high-volume recruiting, Yalanda wanted a faster way to screen applicants and have fun doing it. CruitScout was created after reading hundreds of pages of cover letters and resumes.

As a recruiter, Yalanda knows that job searching and recruiting can be tedious. She developed a fun and faster way to do it.

Yalanda wanted a modern way to recruit that allows job seekers to stand out.

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