What’s a virtual interview?

What's a virtual interview

What’s a virtual interview? A virtual interview is an interview that takes place entirely over chat, email or phone, rather than in person. It’s a pretty common practice these days, and many companies will occasionally use them for interviews to save money on travel expenses or time. Be aware that employers might use your responses to vet you for non-technical skills as well (such as being a team player). If you’ve never had a virtual interview before, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • What’s a virtual interview?
  • Let Them See You In Person
  • The One Tool Every Recruiter Needs
  • What are the best virtual interview platforms?
  • Find the best virtual interview platform
  • Improve Credibility in a Real Way
  • Find Top Virtual Interview Platforms
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Let Them See You In Person

Even with technology advancing at a rapid pace, there are still some tasks that require an in-person meeting. When those meetings need to take place far away from your home, it can make finding a job even more difficult than it already is. It’s easy to write off going on a job interview as something that only other people do, but if you’re looking for your first (or next) job, staying local isn’t always an option. Instead of turning down interview opportunities because they aren’t local, ask yourself if you really have anything to lose by taking them.

The One Tool Every Recruiter Needs

The One Tool Every Recruiter Needs

Digital Talent Scout TM is a digital tool that helps recruiters find great candidates to interview. Built by professionals in HR and recruiting, Digital Talent Scout TM has powerful, state-of-the-art search capabilities to help recruiters quickly and easily find candidates who match their job requirements. The applicant tracking system works seamlessly with both desktops and laptops/desktops. No knowledge of programming or databases is needed; just plug in your job requirements and get great resumes from qualified applicants! You can also use Digital Talent Scout TM as an effective staffing solution for yourself when you need it. You might have different skill sets when it comes to knowing how to do something than someone else does, but finding talent requires knowledge of many things!

What Are The Best Virtual Interview Platforms?

What Are The Best Virtual Interview Platforms

Virtual job interviews are becoming increasingly popular. Candidates can submit their resumes, and employers can call them for a video interview. This approach is less time-consuming for all parties involved, and it also lends itself well to remote working. What are some of your favorite platforms? How do you feel about telecommuting in general? Some people feel that meeting someone in person is always best, but others believe virtual meetings could be even better than face-to-face meetings. Why or why not? Could you show us one of your favorite platforms so we can see it in action? If your field allows for work from home options, how does virtual interviewing factor into that decision?

Find the Best Virtual Interview Platform

Before you can start interviewing candidates online, you’ll need to set up an account on a reputable virtual interview platform. There are plenty of options out there—some free and some paid—so it’s a good idea to do some research and make sure you find one that fits your company’s needs. Once that’s done, you’re ready to start searching for candidates. You can search using keywords, but it might be more effective if you use job boards or specialized recruiting sites (especially for specialized fields). But even here, there are still tools that help narrow down your search so you don’t waste time sorting through thousands of results.

Improve Credibility in a Real Way

Improve Credibility in a Real Way

Don’t just tell your audience you are credible, show them. Designate someone on your team as a spokesperson and send him or her to events like trade shows or conferences (or even set up a booth in front of your storefront) to speak with potential clients. You could even consider partnering with an organization that has credibility, but isn’t actually associated with your company, by helping them out for free if they promise to mention that they received help from you. And while you’re launching a company of your own, make sure you don’t forget to ask for testimonials from people who will represent each department and can speak about how great it is to work there!

Find Top Virtual Interview Platforms


A virtual interview platform is a tool that enables businesses to conduct interviews with a variety of candidates, regardless of their location. It allows clients to interview candidates on different time zones and creates an environment in which they can feel more comfortable. Oftentimes, these platforms are used by large companies that have teams all over or are looking for a specific type of talent but can’t find it locally. They also help to make candidates more comfortable as they do not have to interview with multiple people, potentially meeting new people every day. However, one major benefit of using a virtual platform is that you can schedule an interview whenever it works best for you and you don’t have to worry about missing out on opportunities.


Hire Remote Employees

Hire Remote Employees

Part of why I’m so adamant about remote jobs is because they offer people like me a way to make money while still being able to enjoy a flexible work schedule. These types of positions often have fewer responsibilities and less stress attached, which helps people who are already juggling lots of other things in their lives. That’s another reason why it’s important for you to consider how much flexibility you want from your job, as it might be a deciding factor for whether or not working from home will work for you. And keep in mind that if you need more flexibility than your current position offers, there are companies like Job Recruiters (link) that can help with remote employee hiring . It’s really worth checking out!