The Event Defacing Diversity

the event Defacing Diversity

Defacing Diversity I almost didn’t go to our company’s Christmas party. Not because of COVID’s social distancing or wondering which employee allows pets in their kitchen, but because of what was shared with me a day before the event Defacing Diversity.

Defacing Diversity – Each year, a high school choir known in the community for its talent is invited to sing Christmas carols at the employee function. This year, however, a new choir was invited and as the party coordinator, stated, they’re just not as good with a pained expression on his face. Naturally, I asked, well then why are they coming? The response which I never expected but should always keep in the forefront of my mind: because the CEO requested a more ‘diverse” choir.

As an HR professional Defacing Diversity

HR professional

Defacing Diversity- As an HR professional, I champion diversity when it comes to equity. But I also know how the majority can misuse diversity for their benefit. Think I’m lying? Look up the stats on affirmative action and see that white women benefited most from it. BUT when a black employee is in a key role, they are often accused of getting the position because of affirmative action and at times feel compelled to prove ignorant colleagues their worth. And again nothing wrong with diversity except that the more talented choir was an all-black singing group and the CEO is white.

This country has always been div⅞ erase but has never been equitable. The party coordinator could tell I was upset, but stated, it doesn’t offend him because most of the employees are white and they just want a group to match their taste. I would buy that if the CEO was critical of their style of music, but it wasn’t about that at all.

So as we are winding down 2021, it was still apparent to me that having too many minorities in an organization is still a problem for some white people, and not just any white people, CEOs of organizations. Imagine how this high school choir would feel that regardless of how talented they are, and they do indeed have a reputation for their talent, they are not invited to sing at the Christmas party this year because they happen to be an all-black choir. How ironic of a CEO who approves hiring decisions with the EOE statement on each requisition that hiring decisions are made regardless of race, etc., etc. And how offensive he would disguise his racism by using the term diversity, Bias.

The party coordinator was now forced to invite a choir with just average singing ability simply because of their race. If the all-black choir knew, they would learn a life lesson way too early that no matter how good they are, they would not be welcome and later not be employable simply because of their race, and the EOE statement is just a formality at some institutions. Just to make sure I was not being too sensitive or even paranoid, I repeated the conversation on separate occasions to a few members in my social circle who were black, and they came to the same conclusion: so they weren’t invited back because they were black Inclusion.

What’s funny and tragic about the CEO’s preference

What’s funny and tragic about the CEO’s preference is that he effectively said that the all-black choir was not suitable for him to be singing praises to his Lord and Savior, which is the reason for the event in the first place. And according to Biblical scripture, his Lord and Savior are depicted as a non-white individual. This angers me as an HR professional because I know that despite my qualifications, this has happened to me too. It saddens me as a parent because I’ve already had to explain to my child that despite how good she may be at something, it won’t be good enough for some people Employment Discrimination.

Why is that important?

Why is that important

Why is that important? Because some of those people will have the authority to determine how much she earns and at what pace she earns it to maintain her lifestyle and secure her future for her family. Ultimately, I realized that this problem is bigger than anyone action I can take. So I fixed a plate of the food that was catered and ate at my desk alone.