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Recruitment Service

Once a job seeker peaks your interest in their video, you have the option to conduct a video call with them instantly. You can also conduct virtual job fairs by creating your own videos or live-streaming events with job seekers.

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Premium video placements market the talents of our job seekers. They can also participate in live stream job fairs. You can market your company and its vacancies through ad placements and by sponsoring live stream job fairs.

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Talent Search

You can search to recruit talent according to employment category and location. You also have the option to like, share, or comment on the videos that interest you.

Get a Clearer Picture of Your Job Seekers

More Efficient | More Personable Recruiting

In our video gallery, job seekers demonstrate their skill set, so you no longer have to rely on a piece of paper. By the time you narrow down people to interview, the "Tell Me About Yourself" question will be obsolete.

You can search and view video resumes by industry and location.  Employers can also browse featured video resumes from job seekers who want to be short-listed in the search results.

Employers can post jobs, search and view job seeker profiles by industry and location, instantly chat with job seekers and conduct live stream job fairs.  on one site in one stop.

Job seekers still have the option to upload paper resumes, but with the addition of their video resumes, actions can finally speak louder than words on a job board.

You can increase the time you spend engaging with people and assessing talent and less time posting vacancies.

It's essential to find the right fit when recruiting to find the right people. CruitScout allows employers to spend more time searching for the right candidate rather than sifting through paper.

Each step of the recruiting process on CruitScout allows you to view and chat with potential candidates. By the time you invite a job candidate to meet the rest of the team, you and the candidate will feel as though you both know each other.

Employers can simultaneously screen and socialize with potential job candidates as in a regular work setting allowing recruiters to focus on job seekers skills and abilities and not their anxieties.

With CruitScout's feature to allow job seekers to upload video resumes and demonstrate their skills, employers can more quickly and accurately assess job seekers' skills.

CruitScout also gives employers to market their companies on the front page in the Company Carousel, directing interested job seekers to your company's homepage to learn more about your opportunities and culture.

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