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After Joining, go to the Candidate Panel. Click on 'My Resumes' to complete your profile, add your video resume link and apply for posted jobs and manage your account.



Job seeker benefits are: uploading a video resume, instantly chat with employers, and attend virtual job fairs and video interviews.  Job seekers can also upgrade their profiles to appear first in an employer talent search. Job seekers can market their talent to potential employers.

Job seekers can create their first impression with a polished video. This allows employers to focus on their talent not typos on their resumes.

Job seekers do not have to wait for a seat at the interview table.

CruitScout believes in maximizing potential. Show off your talent to employers and make your best first impression.

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After joining, go to the Employer Panel. You can post jobs, view and search videos, start a virtual job fair, and manage postings for your job recruitment.



The benefits for employers are: instant chat and video interviews and virtual job fairs. You don't have to play play phone tag and lose a good candidate.

On the homepage Company Carousel, employers can link their company websites for candidates to research. Register with CruitScout to fill your vacancies quickly and meet the right candidate. CruitScout allows you to initially screen candidates the right way. Focus on meeting candidates, rather than weeding them out.

Employers can also like and share job seeker resumes with the rest of the team. Employers can get a clear picture of a candidate and their skills before the first handshake.

Use CruitScout in your job  recruitment and talent search to save time. Gain a deeper perspective of potential candidates from the time you post the job until it's closed.

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