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Virtual Job Fairs

Happening Now!

Employers are conducting virtual job fairs right now! Check it out!

Through the employer panel, recruiters can conduct virtual, live stream job fairs inviting as little or as many candidates as they want to form a short list of candidates or to provide a realistic job preview to a group of interested candidates during a mass hiring event.

Leave your stack of resumes at home and just bring yourself while demonstrating your true self to potential employers through instant and live stream job fairs.

Job seekers and employers can potentially attend and conduct multiple job fairs in one day without ever having to leave their home, work site or office.

CruitScout gives job seekers the home court advantage, with the ability to demonstrate what you can do. The interactive instant chat and live stream job fair features allows both the job seekers and employers to mutually determine if collaborating together is the right fit for both.

All of these features are free for job seekers and employers by registering with a free CruitScout profile.



Get Your Foot in the Door

Demonstrating your skill sets through video presents you more than a cover letter or resume ever could.

Connect Instantly

Employers who find your video interesting can connect with you instantly for a video chat!

Gain More Exposure

With our network you can expand the number of employers who view your video.

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Hire Me!

By uploading video resumes that can be liked, shared, and commented on by prospective employers, you gain more exposure and value. Employers will not only see that you have qualifications on paper, but be able to witness you in action!

This "In Your Face" approach will give you a foot in the door and help you get hired fast!

Job seekers can proactively answer the question, 'Why should I hire you?' and pitch directly to employers through CruitScout's interactive features demonstrating that actions really do speak louder than the words on your resume and cover letter.

CruitScout could be a one-stop shop for job seekers and employers as it includes each step of the full-cycle recruiting process.

Job seekers can spend more time pursuing the right roles instead of proofing their resumes.  With CruitScout's approach of focusing on people rather than paper, job seekers like you can be assessed based on your talent, not typos.

Job seekers can socialize with potential employers through CruitScout's interactive features rather than being screened by them behind a desk or formal networking event.  This promotes a dialogue of your talent and skill set which goes far beyond simply answering questions during a one-sided interview format.



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