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There are many benefits for registering with a free profile on CruitScout for both job seekers and employers.

For job seekers, a completed profile allows you to upload video resumes, instantly chat with employers, and participate in live stream job fairs.  Job seekers can also upgrade their CruitScout profiles to appear first in employer searches. By demonstrating your skills through video, job seekers can market their talent to potential employers and beyond.

Most importantly, job seekers can create their first impression with a polished video allowing employers to focus on your talent not anxieties or typos as in the traditional recruiting process. With a CruitScout profile, job seekers can get their foot in the door with potential employers without waiting for a seat at the table for an interview.

For employers, a completed profile allows recruiters to instantly chat with job seekers and conduct live stream job fairs without having to schedule a time to make contact, potentially losing a good candidate.

Through the Company Carousel on the homepage, employers can market their companies and provide a wider glimpse to your company's culture and other opportunities by directing job seekers to your company's website. Register with CruitScout to fill your vacancies more efficiently while meeting the right candidate. CruitScout allows you to initially screen candidates the right way, focusing on meeting them, rather than weeding them out.

With a CruitScout profile, employers can also like and share job seeker resumes with the rest of the team to get a clear picture of potential candidate and their skills before the first sitdown or handshake.

Include CruitScout in your recruiting and screening processes to save significant time and gaining a deeper perspective of a potential candidate from the time you post the job until the requisition is closed.


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