If you’ve been sending job applications left right and center and still haven’t received an invitation for a call or Video Interview, chances are that you’re using outdated methods. It could also be that your resume fails to reflect your capabilities and how you are the right fit for the job that you are applying to.

Just like binge watching Netflix is the new form of book reading and the small Tiktok videos of celebrities are the new form of commercial advertising; Video resumes are replacing or supplementing the conventional resumes for good!

Here are three ways to get recruiters’ attention using video resumes based on your career level.

Don’t tell them you can…Show them you can with a Tutorial
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If a “How to drink water” video on Youtube can amass millions of views (even if it’s out of humor) it’s enough of a proof that people in general and recruiters in particular are looking for people who can show they can solve a problem…even if the problem isn’t there yet.

Are you an expert in your field and used to showing others the ropes? If you can make it as easy as tying your shoes, grab your device and teach the rest of us how you solve problems or find innovative solutions. If you can provide a simple solution to a work problem known to stump so many in your field, your Aha moment will wow the recruiter.

It could be a hack to using excel, or a solution for energy consumption; the possibilities are endless. In a pool of jacks, show us you’re the Master of your trade!

But remember, no recruiter likes to see a candidate rambling. It’s all about seizing the moment; and gain the recruiter’s attention in the first few seconds.

Show them how you fit the role with an Introduction
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Are you new to your field or want to make a career change without enough experience to fill this page? If you have strong
communication skills, produce a brief ‘About Me’ Introduction highlighting your professional and/or academic accomplishments and how your skills could easily transfer to your new role ending with an interview request.

Presenting yourself in a video may seem like a daunting task, but when there’s hundreds and thousands of applicants applying for a job, you need a way to stand out and a Video resume is just the right solution to pack your wow factor and gain your employer’s attention.

It’s a no brainer to capitalize on the potential of latest technologies and get the job you need, want or desire. A lot many companies still require an electronic or paper CV but it’s a linear medium and sort of confines your communication to what has been penned down, leaving little room for expression of character. A Video resume can be the perfect addendum to your application for job in that case and allows you to be the protagonist of your movie and put your best foot forward in introducing yourself.

Allow your creativity to do the talking with a Demonstration
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Do you think Da Vinci would have been this famous if it wasn’t for his Mona Lisa or Last supper and just a written statement somewhere that he’s good at art? Creativity is recognized when it incites one’s visual or auditory senses and what better way to do that if not a video that can make use of both? Let you creativity do the talking for you.

Even when Video resumes and e-portfolios are a novelty for some industries, they are gaining traction in the tech industry, especially startups. Besides, it is the best way to face a screen and show a glimpse of your expertise before you face the screen for a video interview with the recruiter. It shows your effort, communication skills and top of all, your originality.

So are you a creative or technical guru who’s made a name for yourself or the company? If yes, create a Demonstration of your skills with an e-Portfolio highlighting your career accomplishments. While the long list of accomplishments can possibly bore the recruiter, the e-Portfolio will do the opposite.

Basically, take the bullet points in your résumé and put them on blast.

After you make your video, do these two things:

First, upload it to the link in my bio to be accessible to registered employers. Second, include the link on your resume to direct recruiters to your portfolio.

You are enough and that’s what recruiters want to see!