Reference Checks in Reverse
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Vet Your Next Hire Role

You read that right. This service is for job seekers checking out their next move before they make it.

It’s standard practice to conduct reference checks on potential new hires to mitigate hiring risks. However, toxic workplaces and financial instabilities of many companies have compelled job seekers to stop accepting job offers that they later wish they passed on.

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If you’re a job seeker contemplating a job offer, let CruitScout scope it out for you.
CruitScout will research the reporting supervisor, employee morale, turnover and company perks or quirks that will make or break the deal.

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CruitScout works to ensure the job seeker isn’t onboarding a sinking ship or toxic culture.
We all have had that job or jobs that didn’t meet our expectations. Know what to expect besides what the company expects of you at CruitScout.
Get your foot in the door with both eyes open. Order your scope report today.

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Want to know if your next move is the right move for you? Let CruitScout check it out for just $9.00